Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thoughts on the Upcoming Holidays

This time last year, food banks around the country reported sharp decreases in donations and sharp increases in demand. With today's unemployment rate, the situation is likely to repeat itself this year...possible worse.

One of the most common things I recall from last year, was food banks running out of turkeys. If you are able, consider buying two turkeys this year. One for your family, and one for a family less fortunate.

If there are folks on your Christmas card list that you know are unemployed, consider enclosing a gift card from their local grocer. If you are unable to make donations to your local food bank, consider donating your time.

If you have never been the recipient of grocery assistance, you can't possibly grasp the profound impact it makes. I have been. And, I can tell you that one bag of groceries goes a long way to warming the soul.

When I've been able to, I've provided grocery gift cards to friends in need. There is no gift that compares to the satisfaction I received, witnessing their delight. Keep these things in mind as we prepare to celebrate the great abundance in our country.

National Directory of Food Banks (Formerly Second Harvest):
Feeding America

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