Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Gay Agenda: Exposed

Okay I admit it. Last night I attended another secret meeting of Faeries for Advancing the Gay Agenda Today (F.A.G.A.T.) With the great advances our efforts have realized recently, I feel it's no longer necessary to operate under a shroud of secrecy. Most Americans already know our true agenda anyway. Why not just be forthright, and operate in an atmosphere of complete transparency?

We are very near our goal of serving openly in the military. Once that objective is complete, we can begin our recruitment and transformation of the armed forces to support and uphold “The Gay Agenda”. Soon, gay marriage will be legalized nationwide, and we can begin teaching “The Gay Agenda” in public schools. Eventually, every teacher in our public schools will be required to pledge their support of “The Gay Agenda”.

Once we have educated a generation of America’s youth on “The Gay Agenda”, we can ban heterosexual marriage altogether. Procreation will be allowed only in strictly controlled laboratories. There, we will create the most beautiful, highly advanced homosexual human race ever. Pack up your survivalist gear and head for the hills. Yes its true America, we are coming after your children. Boolah! Boolah! Boolah!

Notes On Equality and Judicial Purview

On a more serious note...  While I watched the celebrations last night in the streets of California and beyond, I was reminded of a conversation I had nearly twenty years ago. At the time, I had a roommate who'd recently moved here from Canada. We were discussing equal rights for gays & lesbians, and he made a point I've never forgotten: "Gay rights will never be decided at the ballot box, or by legislation. It will be decided in the courts, where it belongs. It is a constitutional question...and as such, it is the purview of the courts." It took me by surprise that someone from another country could so eloquently explain to me, where we would be today.

Personally, I could care less if I ever get the right to be legally married. That is not the issue. The heart of the issue lies in two simple questions: One, Do we believe in the separation of church and state? And Two, are separate laws that purport to convey the same rights, truly equal? 

On the first question, the only basis for opposition to legal gay marriage is religion. However, religion defines marriage within the confines of the religious institution...not government. Conversely, civil law defines marriage within the confines of the institution of government...not religion. The two must remain separate if we are going to maintain true religious freedom.

On the second question, opponents of marriage equality purport that "civil unions" grant the same rights as marriage. That is false, but that is not the issue. Separate can never be equal. That question was asked and answered, long ago. As long as the law sees gays and lesbians as "separate" they will never be equal. And those who seek to define homosexuals as "less than" or "deviant", will continue to legitimize their ostracization, Such an atmosphere will continue to foster hate crimes against our community. "Anything less than equal is just that...less than equal."

Two issues. Separation of church and state. And, separate but equal equality. Everything else is just noise.

Quotes of The Day: On Equality

"The best principles of our republic secure to all its citizens a perfect equality of rights." ~Thomas Jefferson (3rd US President and Author, Declaration of Independence)

"The assertion that 'all men are created equal' was of no practical use in effecting our separation from Great Britain, and it was placed in the Declaration not for that, but for future use." ~Abraham Lincoln (16th US President and Emancipator of the Slaves)

"It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be oppressed by a majority." ~Lord Acton of Aldenham (Author, The History of Freedom in Antiquity)

Clip of The Day: Prop 8 The Musical - Reprise

In a less-than convoluted effort to bring today's blog full circle, I offer some additional satire. This clip was produced during the Proposition 8 campaign by the folks at "Funny Or Die". Full of familiar famous faces, it is both entertaining and enlightening, as any good comedy should be. Enjoy...

Prop 8 - The Musical (3:16)

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Flim Flam Man: Jesse Willms

Ran across this really cool website today, called It's full of great penny auctions on stuff like laptops, cameras, iPads, and WalMart Gift Cards. Their registration page has what looks like an actual news report from a legitimate news station, reporting on this great source for bargains. Quotes praising their service are splashed all over the page from The New York Times, the BBC, and others. Logos from nearly every major news outlet appear on the page. 

After watching a couple of auctions close, and seeing the low prices people were getting super products for, I was ready to give it a try. But... first I googled "swipebids, fraud, scam". Wow... did I get a boatload of stuff on this guy. This 22-year old billionaire, yes I said billionaire, is arguably the most notorious online scam artist lurking around the ethernet. And...he is still in business.

Next I checked my WOT "Web of Trust" meter, and sure enough it was red. I highly recommend this great security software for your PC. It operates in the background, and warns you about websites that have a poor reputation. Each time you google something, you see red, yellow and green tags next to each listing...automatically. And if you load the page, you can click the WOT icon in your toolbar for more information on the site. You can download their free "Safe Browsing Tool" here. 

Mr. Willms recently settled a lawsuit with Microsoft for software piracy, and is also being sued by Symantec. The guy even has the nerve to direct his attorneys to sue consumer watchdog websites for negative remarks about him. If you're interested in learning more about online scams, and the lawsuit filed against Jesse Willms by Oprah and Dr. Oz, check out this news video clip Just Think Twice, from CTV. (12:43) 

Quote of The Day: Charles Simmons

"For the most part fraud in the end, secures for its companions repentance and shame. ~Charles Simmons

Clips of The Day: Online Security

If you're new to the internet experience, or if you just feel you don't have a good grasp of the security issues involved, these are for you. Each clip is a concise, easy-to-understand, illustrated explanation of basic internet security. They are produced by CommonCraft. Just click on their name and you can look through their full library of informative video clips.

Phishing Scams in Plain English: (3:05)

Secure Passwords Explained: (3:27) 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quote of The Day: Mahatma Gandhi

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi

Building a Dream Network 1.1 (The Modem)

This is part two of a series I'm writing on building my dream network at home. I'll be posting updates as appropriate, until the entire network is completed. You can find the complete series by clicking on this tag: Dream Network

Note: Wherever I feel it's appropriate, I'll be providing wiki-links on terms you may not be familiar with. I've done hours and hours of research to put this list together. Hopefully, I can help a few people out with their own situation. As noted in my previous article, I welcome your input, advice, comments or questions. Please send email to: networkplan(at)

This issue covers the selection of a modem. Based on quality, user ratings and future growth capability, I've chosen the Motorola SB6120 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 eXtreme Broadband Cable Modem
. While this product offers features not mentioned here, following are the basic criteria for my selection. As much as possible, these are listed in order of importance. (The first feature weighing heaviest, and so on.)

1. Approved model. This model is on the Comcast List of Approved Modems for high-speed internet service. You should check with your provider for a list. Your provider is not responsible for connection viability between your devices. But they are responsible for a viable strong signal your modem will accept. You should utilize a device they approve, to maintain their support for your connection.

2. DOCSIS 3.0 capability. This is the newest generation international telecommunications standard. DOCSIS 3.0 supports the latest Internet Protocol version (IPv6), offering increased speed and security. While its possible to upgrade to DOCSIS 2.0+IPv6, it requires a firmware upgrade to the modem. Meanwhile, IPv6 is the standard on DOCSIS 3.0. Additionally, 3.0 is capable of channel bonding, which allows multiple downstream and upstream channels to be used together at the same time by a single subscriber. Finally, I've confirmed that I'm already receiving a DOCSIS 3.0 signal, even though Comcast only hooked me up with a DOCSIS 2.0 modem. {Grrrr}

3. GigE connectivity. Eventually, I hope to stream high-definition video and live TV on my network. To accomplish this, it's important that I have ultra-high speed, wired connections available, starting at the wall. While pricey, it makes no sense to install 10/100 data transfer connections that will have to be eventually replaced. The new GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) transfer rates of 10/100/1000 will eventually the standard, and are already available on many devices.

4. Ratings and Reviews. As of this writing the SB6120 is the best selling modem on Amazon, where 383 users give it an average 4.5 star rating. It also has an alaScore of 92/100 at

5. Two year warranty. An excellent warranty from Motorola.

Motorola SB6120 Specifications Data Sheet - English (222Kb pdf)
Motorola SB6120 Quick Start Guide - English (2Mb pdf)
Motorola SB6120 User Guide - English (2Mb pdf)

An excellent video review of this modem: (4:38)

If you can't get enough, this video from Motorola discusses the future of video quality, content and delivery, and DOCSIS 3.0's role in it: (4:07)

Next Installment: Dream Network 1.2: The Router

Clip of The Day: Craig on Self-Help

If you follow my blog, you know I'm a big fan of Craig Ferguson. While I generally enjoy motivational literature and "self-help" books, it's amusing how many people make big bucks just regurgitating the same old ideas. In a recent monologue, Craig gave his viewpoint on the subject. (9:04)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quote of The Day: Abraham Lincoln

"The problem with quotations on the internet, is that the sources are hard to verify." ~Abraham Lincoln

Building a Dream Network 1.0

Late last week, my internet connection went dead. After spending the weekend checking connections, testing equipment and four (count them) phone calls to Comcast Technical No-Support, I scheduled an appointment for a techie to come to the house. Apparently, my equipment is just so old it can't keep up anymore. The new modem he installed is is the Ambit U10C018, costing me $5.00 a month rental. I can buy one for about $40.

Anyway, I decided I was long overdue for a network upgrade. My router is also way out-of-date, and wired. It's time to go wireless. One piece of advice I've never forgotten about computer hardware: "buy the most advanced technology you can afford." Well some of the pieces I've picked are more than I would like to spend, but I've set a goal to complete my new network within 18 months. That means buying one new device every 3-4 months. Of course I'll revisit my later purchases, but I wanted to map out a plan first. It feeds my mild OCD. {"Did he say mild?"}

Wherever I feel it's appropriate, I'll be providing wiki-links on terms you may not be familiar with. I've done hours and hours of research to put this list together. Hopefully, I can help a few people out with their own situation.

Eventually, I'd like to be able to download or stream movies, music and live TV from the internet to my network and my television. Also, I hope to buy an Ooma VOIP hub for phone service. If I cancel cable TV and Vonage, I'll save about $135 a month, which will pay for my shiny new next-generation dream network! Aha! I welcome your input, advice or comments. Please send email to: networkplan(at)

Selection of my dream machines was driven by three overriding criteria:

1. Get the fastest (home) products now available. This includes DOCSIS 3.0 modem capability, 802.11n wireless connections, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity on every component possible. All meeting IEEE Standards.

2. Make sure each device is backwards compatible. I don't want to buy something in the middle of my project that brings everything down. So, I am planning to build the network from the "wall" inward. (i.e. modem, router, storage, printing, users.) As each installation succeeds, I'll know I'm good from that device back to the wall. (For instance, my computer has an on-board Wireless-G card, which will work backwards until I choose to upgrade it.)

3. Choose products with strong USER ratings and support. Experience has taught me that relying on techies, whether they "support" your equipment or your ISP is unreliable at best, and futile at worst. Seeking help and advice from other Users is more apt to bring a successful solution. Sharing a popular device with potentially millions of others, reserves that opportunity.

4. Green Technology.
Yes, I know I said three criteria. But when available, green technology had a considerable impact on my decision. Particularly in the case of the NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Next Installment: Dream Network 1.1: The Modem

Clip of The Day: Murray Hill Inc. for Congress?

This clip may be presented as satire...but don't be so quick to laugh. The truth is that unless we pass a Constitutional Amendment reversing Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission, this could become a reality. If you don't know that case you should.

Citizen's v. FEC, is the case about which Obama appropriately chastised the Supreme Court during his 2010 State of the Union address. Perhaps second only to 9/11, this ruling will likely be the most important political event in my lifetime...and possibly yours. Corporations are not people. They are faux-identities empowered by the people, to conduct business. All of their rights, and their responsibilities, are defined by the people through legislation and codification, governing their right to exist. Originally, corporations were intended to survive only for a short defined duration. We cannot allow them to pursue rights independently from those who supposedly govern them.

Restore the first amendment to the people. Sign On: Don't Get Rolled.

Murray Hill Incorporated is Running for Congress: (1:14)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coming Out Black: Observations from Wanda

Wow. I can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything here. I've been distracted. Today, I was surfing the net and came across this cool website called Blog Catalog. It's a collection of everything under the blogosphere in one location. So I had to join. Well, apparently they're going to have a live person read my blog, so I just knew I better post something now. I'll start trying to post something at least once a week again.

The thing I like most about comedy, is that when it's done well it subliminally sends some message or teaches some lesson, about humanity. Yesterday I was looking at clips on YouTube and came across some Wanda Sykes clips from her HBO show I'ma Be Me, (which I have not seen). Generally, I like Wanda. But I wouldn't consider myself an avid fan. These particular clips though, are really good. So I thought I'd share them for your enjoyment. They are all very short.

Coming Out Black (2:15):

Organ Donation & Cremation (0:46):

Reverse Discrimination (0:56):

Respecting the President (2:00): (Don't miss the punchline on this one.)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Tuesday! (I Think)

In the Greek world, Tuesday is considered unlucky (The Fall of Constantinople). Also unlucky in Spanish-speaking cultures, where a proverb translates as "On Tuesday, neither get married nor begin a journey." Conversely in Judaism, Tuesday is considered particularly lucky, because the paragraph about this day in Genesis contains the phrase "it was good" twice. In the Thai solar calendar, the name for Tuesday translates literally as "Ashes of the Dead".

Its a vicious cycle. I think I'll just stay home...and listen to some Lynyrd Skynyrd.