Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks: Deliberation & Forethought

On this day, I am most thankful for my dear friends and family. They are the foundation upon which I build my life and experiences. I am thankful for courageous leaders in the struggle for equal rights; for the fallen angels who led the early struggle with AIDS/HIV, and for the heroes among us who continue their fight.

Also, I've noticed much press lately, (really "talking heads'", not real journalists), considers President Obama slipshod, with no clear plan of action. They consider his deliberate and steady hand a "lack of decisiveness" on the war in Afghanistan. Frankly, I don't think he's exhibiting indecisive behavior at all.

Conversly, I believe he has been, and continues to be, decisive about his intent to remain informed, deliberate, and bring serious forethought to the impact of his actions. Past attempts to approach these decisions without the type of scrutiny he is giving them, have cost the U.S. untold blood and Afghanistan and elsewhere. "What are your thoughts?"

So my thanks to Obamas; "Don't Listen to the Barbarians at the Gate". Review, deliberate, and push everyone to think out of the box, until you have a plan that will most efficiently invest what remaining blood and treasure we have for this endeavor. God speed to you, your advisors, and the soldiers on the ground who will carry out your orders.

These "talking heads" obviously don't care that the majority of our allies see Obama's caution and deliberation with great pride and admiration. So do I. Even one less dead soldier, will be worth Obama's time investment. It takes courage to drown out the barbarians at the gate, while you devise a way to save their homes and country. Happy Thanksgiving to the First Family. Our prayers are with you.

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