Friday, March 26, 2010

I Had A Dream: Check That, A Nightmare

One night during this past week, I went to sleep a socially liberal, spiritually enlightened, passionate, capitalist American. The next morning I turned on my television, and discovered I had transformed into a godless, America-hating, fag-loving Marxist. Well, at least they got one out of four right.

Problem is, I had a bad dream that night. People around the country were glued to their televisions...watching the breaking news. Leaders from the democratic and republican parties were joined in hand with leaders from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. They were mourning over some catastrophic event, where a huge number of lives were lost, and property destroyed. They were pleading for an end to divisive, rhetorical politics. Calling for a "New Era" of statesmanship, unparalleled in our history.

Does anyone remember Timothy McVeigh? Oklahoma City? The Murrah Federal Building? Am I the only one who sees what's coming down the road? To assume, or make accusations, that anyone whose ideas differ from yours hates their country, is not only is dangerous. Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by our Constitution. But in my Civics class we learned that with rights, come responsibilities. Not least among those, should be consideration of the impact your words will have.

Please don't let your words be the spark, that ignites the torch of some wingnut we will condemn together tomorrow. Honor the memory of the 168 people who died in Oklahoma City, as we approach the 15th anniversary of their senseless murders.

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